La Summette

February 2022

Tribute to Bill Halbing

Dear Friends,

With this email, we pay tribute to Fr. Bill Halbing. He passed away on Monday, February 21, 2022 from a heart attack!

I am happy for Fr. Bill, but I sure miss him. I am sure you miss him too.
He loved our annual conference and often said that it was his Christmas every year! He loved participating and also loved being with STAS family. By now, we truly are family.
Everyone would look forward to seeing Fr. Bill every year. He fed us spiritually and also kept us laughing and looking up.

We have put up a tribute page to him that has photos of his participation at our conferences.

Father Bill Halbing Tribute Page

Here is a link to his funeral.

Father Bill Halbing Funeral

In His Name

25th Annual Conference

We are leaving the conference information on our website until we have the answers for any changes. That will allow you the speaker information of those who are planning to come.
We hope they will all still be available when we know the dates.
View Conference Information

Our website is standing by, and will continue to bring you timely changes and updates as we know them.
Will you stay on standby too?

In the meantime, we are planning outreach to parishes within our Colorado Springs Diocese, and when God open the window for the conference, we will be ready to alert you right away.

Our Lady of Fatima Banner

St. Thomas Aquinas Society is privileged to be under the banner of Our Lady of Fatima. We call upon Mary’s help and intercession at all times.

For your information:
Special Holy Hour for Peace in the midst of the Russia-Ukraine Conflict with Rosary and Adoration at St. Patrick Church, 6:30pm Monday evening, February 28. (6455 Brook Park Dr in Colorado Springs, 80918)

Jesse Romero at St. Gabriel the Archangel Church (8755 Scarborough Ave in Colorado Springs, 80920), 6:30pm both nights: March 7 in English and March 8 in Spanish. Visit the link for more information and to register.

St. Gabriel the Archangel Church

Here is link to the PDF of this newsletter

Angel Thomasina

We claim the love of the Trinity. Though we cannot unlock the mystery of the Trinity in all its fullness, we claim the love of the Trinity with every sign of the cross, every Gloria during Mass and every profession of the Creed.

However, it is very special to also know that they are three Persons in one God: Father Son and Holy Spirit. I like to think of Person, Personality and Personal Relationship. We
love God as a Trinity, our Thrice Holy God. At the same time we can have a personal relationship
with each Person: with the loving Fathership of God the Father; With Jesus as our Lord and Redeemer, and with the very breath of Life with the Holy Spirit who continues to inspire us and our church throughout the centuries. Wow! What an amazing gift we have in the gift of the Trinity!

To God the Father and the Son and Holy Spirit Three in One. To You, O Blessed Trinity, Be praise throughout eternity

Our Prayer Motto

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Have you said your Hail Mary today for the St. Thomas Aquinas Society?

Soldier On!