La Summette

Spring 2023

Beginning: St. Thomas Aquinas Society was founded in June, 1991.
Focus: STAS has a twofold focus of prayer and education in our Catholic faith in
honor of St. Thomas Aquinas.
Our Lady of Fatima: STAS is under the banner of Our Lady of Fatima.
Logo: The logo represents our twofold focus of prayer and education. The rosary represents prayer and the book, education: the Bible or other books; speakers and more. The banner of Our Lady of Fatima is important because we are under the banner of Our Lady of Fatima. Therefore, it is appropriate that we include the banner at the top of our logo.
Spiritual Works of Mercy: We believe that people nourished in our Catholic faith through prayer, the sacraments, and the truths of our faith through great speakers will be a lamp to light the way wherever they are. We also believe that as James says in his epistle, faith without works is dead. Those who are nourished and excited about our faith will then want to reach out with the Corporal works of Mercy.
Inspiration from Bishop Fulton J Sheen from his book Peace of Soul: “UNLESS souls are saved, nothing is saved; there can be no world peace unless there is soul peace. World wars are only projections of the conflicts waged inside the souls of modern men, for nothing happens in the external world that has not first happened within a soul.” We believe that if through our conferences and other events we bring faith-filled enrichment to the souls of those who attend, we are also helping reach out to the world through others.
Donations: Because we have received the Word of God freely, we believe that we must give the Word of God freely. We do not require a fee to attend our conferences and events. Donations are gratefully accepted and are tax deductible. Donors receive the gift of almsgiving from God because their gift comes from their heart.
Approval of our Bishop James Golka: It is very important to us to always work in cooperation with our Bishop and Diocese of Colorado Springs in bringing in the finest national and international speakers.
History: 24 Major Conferences and many other spiritual events: Divine Mercy Weekends, Healing Masses, retreat days, concerts and more. We even hosted a Family, Church and Nation Conference during the covid year without incidence. We are told it is the only conference which took place in 2020.
Because the location for our 25th major conference, In His Name, has been sold, we are reaching out within our Colorado Springs Diocese with smaller events until the conference can be rescheduled.

Most recently we provided a successful Breakthrough Healing Workshop at the Antler’s Hotel with Patrick and Joy Campbell, Fr. Jim Blount, SOLT, Fr. Ernie Rush, Fr. Stephen Imbarrato and others.

Other events: Roy Schoeman in April for Divine Mercy Sunday in Salida and here in Colorado Springs: Dcn Jack Sullivan whose miracle qualified for the beatification of John Henry Cardinal Neuman; A Breakthrough Healing Workshop in June and Fr. Piotr Prusakiewicz, CSMA in August for a Divine Mercy mini conference.

Angel Thomasina:

To God the Father and the Son and Holy Spirit Three in One.

To You, O Blessed Trinity, Be praise throughout eternity!

Our Prayer Motto:

Have you said your Hail Mary today for the St. Thomas Aquinas Society?

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Our Prayer Motto

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Have you said your Hail Mary today for the St. Thomas Aquinas Society?

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