La Summette

Summer 2014

Letter From the President

Dear Friends,

Once again, the lineup is amazing. This will be a very Spirit-filled conference. We hope you come and we also invite you to extend the invitation to the conference to those you know. In fact, that is why you are receiving two brochures in this mailing: one for you and one for a friend.

In addition, links to the flyer and also the brochure are available by going online to our website.

We are also happy to send additional brochures upon your request.
Join us at the Pikes Peak Center here in Colorado Springs from August 1-3, 2014. The conference remains free, but donations are gratefully accepted.

Please continue to keep prayers for the safe travel of all our speakers and all coming to the conference. Every good conference is accompanied by lots of spiritual warfare. This one is no exception. Judging by this, the graces will be exceptional.
Thanks again for your prayers and God bless you – Therese Lorentz.

Many Thanks! Many thanks to all who prayed for me. Though doing well after eye surgery, much momentum was lost at an important promotional time. God wants to touch many hearts. You can help by giving that extra brochure and extending words of invitation.

Thanks also to Jim Arlien, owner of CatchLight Professional Services, who helped keep things moving forward as we gathered confirmation from the speakers about their topics and arrival times. That is always so important and I could not do it while staying off computer, not reading, not driving, etc. Once again he prepared the brochure and has kept the website looking good with lots of information. He is particularly good at website development. Without Jim and his expertise, this mailing would not even be going out at this time. Thanks, Jim!

Father Kyle Ingels

Special Young Adult Program

We are blest to have Fr. Kyle as MC for the Young Adult Program. We provide the extra conference tract so that our Young Adults will have the opportunity to hear the speakers and get up closer and meet the speakers. It’s a great program.

Fr. Kyle serves as Director of Campus Ministry for the Diocese of Colorado Springs. Come and meet Fr. Kyle and meet the speakers.

Angel Thomasina

To the Holy Spirit through Mary

Holy and Divine Spirit! Through the intercession of the Blessed Virgin Mary, Your Spouse, bring the fullness of Your gifts into our hearts. Comforted and strengthened by You, may we live according to Your Will and die praising Your infinite mercy. Through Christ our Lord. Amen.

Come, Holy Spirit! Come, by the means of the powerful intercession of the Immaculate Heart of Mary, Your well-beloved Spouse!
(prayer from Fr. Chris Crotty’s site:

How Do We Pay For The Conferences?

Because we are so firmly convinced in our hearts that God wants to provide this conference to you free of charge, we step out in faith every year. We believe that this is God’s gift to you.
We project the cost of this conference to be $60,000. Your gifts mean so much to us because we always ask: “whom would we exclude?” Well, we don’t plan to exclude anyone because of a lack of funds. God would not turn anyone away.
It is always interesting when we are told that our conferences are funded. That is not the case. While we receive some generous donations, we have to work very hard to be able to cover expenses, often falling significantly short. But we believe that God wants these conferences, so we step out again and again in faith.

Thank you in advance for your donation when possible, and also for your prayers. St. Thomas Aquinas Society is built on a foundation of prayer, not funds. God will reward you for your generosity, especially because any donations will be the fruit of your prayer and your heart. Thank you

Auction - St. Thomas Aquinas Society needs you!

We decided to go forward with an auction again, but that was just before my eye surgery. We need to jump start the auction now and We need you!

Please help us grow the auction with some great gifts? Auction will be online from July 21-30 and will then move to the conference on August 1. See our website: for more information. Let us know your email address to receive St. Thomas Aquinas Society and auction emails.

Gift ideas include: certificates, tickets, games, school supplies, baskets and more. Please consider helping us.

We need you!

Jesus Prayer

(from Fr. Chris Crotty’s Institute of the Holy Spirit:

Lord, Jesus Christ, Son of God, have mercy on me, a sinner.

Our Prayer Motto

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Have you said your Hail Mary today for the St. Thomas Aquinas Society?

Soldier On!