Nikki Kingsley

Nikki Kingsley’s remarkable journey of faith began in Karachi, Pakistan, where she was born into a Muslim family. As the result of a marriage ‘arranged’ by her parents, according to the traditions of their culture, Nikki went through a dark period of many years living an existence of fear, manipulation, and coercion. She joined the line of courageous women who have dared to escape the oppression of Islamic culture.

Eighteen years ago, she arrived in the United States with her two young children with the hope of providing a new life of freedom for her son and daughter. She fought through the family and culture dictates that followed her, and thanks to the equal rights and laws of America, Nikki built a new life for herself and her children. She discovered the promise found in the dream called America. Not long after, she met her present husband and is now happily married.

Despite her newly found opportunities, Nikki realized that she was still searching. Through an extraordinary series of mystical experiences and encounters, Nikki came to understand that what she was looking for was found in the person of Jesus Christ. This fundamental truth led Nikki to seriously question and reconsider the Muslim faith she was raised in and practiced for forty years. Her decisions ultimately led her to choose between God and family–– culture and traditions. What is the Truth? This burning question led Ms. Kingsley to journey from Islam to Christianity.

A compelling speaker, Nikki now shares her life-changing story—a story of a journey from the culture, faith, and traditions of the East to the freedom in the West that allowed her to find redemption and salvation in Jesus Christ.

“I was dead and now I’m alive!”

Nikki’s message is one of hope and faith that even when all seemed dark and lost, the Light of Christ came to transform and dispel the darkness. She offers hope to the scores of people who though living in a free country may still be bound in a prison of fear. Her story is an invitation to trust God and step out with freedom and redemption available to all people.

Nikki Kingsley gives talks about her conversion and the transformation that came from her faith journey in Jesus Christ. She has been a keynote speaker at many parish programs and events. Nikki has been interviewed on Immaculate Heart Radio, The Catholic Channel, and EWTN Radio, and a featured speaker in Washington, DC for C-FAM.

Nikki Kingsley’s dynamic account of her faith journey from darkness into Light is detailed in her recent book, Thirst for Truth: From Mohammad to Jesus and available on her website. Kindly visit Nikki Kingsley at: